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Hey everyone, I have a request, please check out my products page if you have not already, the link on the page goes straight to my Etsy shop, and if you want to buy a photo, I have a suggestion, favorite my shop and for that, I will give you a 30% off coupon. I also want you to know that if I earn about 3 more sales, I will be able to buy a camera that I can take much better photos with, so please check out my shop, thank you!

Saharan Dust Plume

Summer Tanager (Gallery)


Hey everyone! Ive got an Instagram account now, username is tennesseeriverbirch. Check my contact info for better help.

Camping Trip!

I recently went on a camping trip in Alabama, and I had a wide variety of photo opportunities, and you get to see them in this gallery below.

Special Galleries No. 5, Cardinals

I hope you enjoy this next gallery. Thanks for supporting my website! Stick around.

Black Speckled Cardinal

Today while walking around with my camera, I saw a cardinal fly into a nearby tree, I already had my telephoto lens in hand, so I shot a few pictures. Then I saw that the cardinal had grey and black speckles on it’s chest, and so that made a really interesting photo, here are the photos that I took. I’ve never actually seen a cardinal like this, so it was a real treasure to find that bird.

Spring Birds and Squirrels

Hello everyone, since I have found a better way to take telephotos, they are a lot sharper now, this is a gallery of my latest photos. I hope you liked my latest photo galleries. Please share my website with your friends, and please click on the products page to but a couple photos. Bye!

Tips and Tricks for Telephoto Lenses

When using a telephoto lens, make sure you follow these instructions or you’ll get blurry photos. Before I found out the tricks to my telephoto lens, I shot really bad photos. ISO is the most important factor. The ISO should be at 800 or less, or you get grainy photos. The shutter-speed actually should be set at less than 2000 to get a bright enough photo, but not less than 500, unless you want blurry photos. The aperture should be 5.6 to 8, because you want you’re subject in the spotlight. Look… Read More

Special Galleries No. 4, Hiking Photos

Today, I will be showing the photos I took on different hikes and walks, please enjoy. Yeah, I know, it’s a lot of photos, but they are also some of my best. I want to to guess what shutter-speeds and apertures I used for these. Comment on your favorites please. Bye!

Special Galleries No. 3, Flowers

Hey everybody and welcome back to my third special gallery. I hope that these photos might help you and your photography. Just look at them, and if you have any questions that start with “How?” just comment or email me. I hope you enjoyed my flower gallery! Remember to comment on whichever photos stick out to you. Have a good day.

Special Galleries No. 2, Drone Photography

Hello everyone and thank you for your support. Today, you all get to look at another gallery that consists of all of my drone photos. Enjoy! I, again, encourage you to comment on your favorite photos. I also encourage any photographers out there to try drone photography. It’s really exiting and you get the best sunset photos you’ve ever taken if you do it at the right time. DJI Mavic drones are the best quality drones out there, so if you want a drone, that’s the best brand to get one from.

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