The Nature Of Photography: Still Life

Photography is a great thing, all photographers say that too, but let’s think about it. When we go deep into the art of photography, we see that there are so many categories and so many new things to learn, so join me on my first post on this series.

Still life is a subject of photography that a lot of photographers love, why? well, because it’s still, so we can take our time, and get the picture just right. But I believe that if we can think about it deeper, we can actually … unlock a better perspective. So let’s look at some of my photos, and let’s see if I really captured a better perspective, or if I did not.

Okay, let me see, I, personally, think that the birds nest and the white iris were taken differently, or maybe edited to give them both a good feel, please reply to that in the comments. Also, I’ve got one more announcement for you all, I have an challenge for all who read this. I want you to share your photos on the comments, and I will tell you all which photos really stick out, and, if I don not choose the one you took, please do not be offended. Bye for now.

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