The Nature Of Photography: Final Lesson

Okay, how are you all feeling about these lessons? Please comment to give me feedback. Anyways, the subject today is…. Diversify. That is really important for photographers, me, for instance, I love taking close-ups of nature, and that’s almost all I ever do. But even I need to remember, “Diversify is key!” It really is. Let me how you my close-ups, ten I’ll show you my non-close-ups.

I think those photos are great, but let’s look at my other photos, non-close-up.

Okay, I’ll admit those are pretty good, that’ exactly my point! You’ve probably already found out the point I’m making, but I’ll say it. The fact that I diversified is what makes my photography better! So I want you to take 4 photos, 2 based on your best photography subject, and 2 that are your diversified photos, see you later!

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